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餽ience and ○we won a bronze○ medal," said ●Chinese skip● Wang Bingyu. "We● have been t●ogether for 10


years●, not very long. S○o we have to thank o〓ur family and cu●rling fans 〓in China. A lot● of people h◆ave shown such● generosity ●and kindness, and we◆ were glad to b●e able to award■ them with our p●erformance," secon●d Yue Qing●shuang said ○of the medal. Ch■ina got a fl●ying start w●

hen they to■ok three points, whi〓ch is the bigges●t lead in the f●irst end the〓y had in the to○urnament. They ●continued t●o lead at 5-1 i

z■e medal a Dolor Sit

n the● first thre●e ends.Switzerla○nd, skipped by e●xperienced M●irjam Ott, fought b●ack to make it■


5-4 in the fourth ●and tied the game at● 6-6 in the sixth af◆ter a splen◆did double by thir●d Carmen S〓chaefer.BEIJING,● Dec. 8 -- You■ng Internet users ●may soon find thei●r access to vio〓lent online ga●mes unplugged. Und〓er a system simi〓lar to film class●ification, t■he Ministry o〓f Culture is plann○ing to introduce a r〓ating system fo■r online cont●ent, includ◆ing games, that wou◆ld only al●low players ●older than a cert〓ain age to join○ in. "We will ask ■the game operators t●o improve the rules○ of their game, adju●st product〓 structure a○nd crack down on ●vulgar style. W●e need to 〓raise the cul〓tural cont

ent i■n online games," sa〓id Tuo Zuh■ai, deputy dir◆ector of the marketi◆ng departm○ent at the minis〓try. "Enhancing the ●content of online ga◆mes is the cur■rent focal p○oint of our work," h○e said at China's S◆eventh Internati●onal Digital Conte○nt Expo. Some netiz◆ens, however, h◆ave questioned the■ feasibili〓ty of the minist●ry's plan and the l●ikelihood of it ◆accomplishing its g●oals. "I wonder if i〓t's possible," a n●etizen name〓d Flowerci post○ed on the ■game secti◆on of Tianya.cn, 〓a popular onli●ne forum. "Th〓e film cla■ssifi

cation system h○as not even b■een successfully i■mplemented● in China,■ and the Int●ernet is even○ more complicated〓 than film," Flow○erc



i said. China○'s Internet ind〓ustry has devel●oped rapidly in ●the last dec〓ade. According t〓o research from th◆e Ministry of In◆dustry and Informa■tion Technolog●y, the numbe●r of China's netize◆ns has surpassed 30○0 million. Mor■e than hal◆f of them are younge〓r than 25 years o○ld. Those yo●unger netizens●

oud of m

are the targeted gr○oup of online gam◆es, which explains 〓why soci

ologists a■nd other pr●ofessionals ●are insisti●ng on a cl

assif◆ication system to ●limit the you

ths'● access to bloody■, vio

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